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The More You Node: 3d Printing



Come out at 7:00pm, Thursday, April 25th for an introduction to using a 3d printer. Node member Todd Blatt of Custom 3d Stuff will do a live 3d printing demo, show you how to operate the MakerBot Replicator to turn a 3d CAD file into a real object. Want answers to these questions and more?!  He’s got ’em!

  • How does 3d printing work, anyway?
  • Do I really have to build a kit to use a 3d printer?
  • How much does it cost to 3d print something?
  • I heard about a 3d scanner, is it real? How do they work?
  • What is the future of 3d printing?
  • What type of resolution do you get from a 3d printer?
  • Can you 3d print food?
  • What materials can I use?
  • What modeling software should I use for this project?
  • Why is 3d printing such a big deal, anyway?
  • Can you download things other people made?
  • Can I actually print a working gun?
  • I have a 3d file ready, now what?
  • Do you have to be an engineer to use one of these?

Baltimore Node’s Open Hack night is open to the public for free, and other things will be going on during the workshop.  Baltimore Node members can attend this workshop at no charge, and a $3 donation is suggested for nonmembers who wish to attend the lecture.  If you plan on coming to The More You Node: 3d Printing, then please rsvp to open hack for the evening.

You can also use this opportunity to check out the Node’s new space at 403 E. Oliver Street. The grand opening party is the following night, a party put on by the Node, the Tool Library which is also having their grand opening that evening right next door.  Check out the Tool Library’s Facebook event for more details.

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