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One Less Artist in August

Unfortunately Joshua Penrose, the artist who was going to come out and chat with us about Max/MSP and his work in new musical interfaces and interactive art installations was stranded in Morgantown, WV due to car trouble (complete thermal failure) and had to return to his home in Columbus, OH. Since I suck at Max/MSP I’ve got nothing to talk about and we’ll have to do it another time.

Joshua used to live in Baltimore and would love to come back and visit, but with the fall semester starting up pretty soon his schedule is tightening up. The event scheduled for Monday, August 23 at the Node is off and I’ll post an announcement if we’re able to reschedule the event in the fall or winter.

In happier news and for those who missed it, Jesse Kriss’ talk a couple weeks ago rocked. A power outage shifted us down to The Windup Space, but we still got to see Jesse’s work from the installation artwork he wrote the code for (“Dreaming F.I.D.S.” pics and video of the piece) and bug him with questions about details of the project and creative programming in general. It’d be cool to have more artists stopping by the Node to talk about their work. If you’re an artist or know about someone awesome living in or stopping through Baltimore, give us a shout via email or the mailing list.