Woodworking 101: Jigsaw and Butterfly Joints

Butterfly joints make a fine practice project for showcasing a range of operations on some of the safer more beginner-friendly woodshop tools: sanders, jigsaw, and chisels. I wanted to make a large frame for an old map of a Baltimore neighborhood, using wood local to it; luckily, someone had recently felled a sycamore tree and […]

9th Anniversary party and 9′ sculpture build!

Come join us in our Celebration! We’re also doing a collaborative build with We The Builders this night. You can come help us assemble the 9 foot tall sculpture designed by George Hart. It’s made of 193 3D printed pieces that were crowd-sourced from all over the world, plus 416 wooden dowel rods. It was assembled and disassembled once […]

Baltimore Node 8th Anniversary Party!

You’re invited! Please join us in celebrating our eighth year of being us! We’ve worked hard to bring our space together to create a supportive and collaborative environment in Baltimore city where people can hack, make, craft, and create art and tech projects. Come by the Node on Sunday, October 22nd, 2017 for our 8 year […]

The More You Node – Upcoming workshops at the Node!

We just announced a whole bunch of classes and workshops! There’s one every Tuesday from now until the end of May, with hopes of keeping up that regularity. So far we’ve got four with many more ideas in the works: Pew-Pew Pewsday Laser Cutter 101 Safety and Basic Training You’ll leave this class with a […]

Metal Casting in acrylic laser-cut molds

We’ve been experimenting a bit with metal casting recently. Pewter is a very easy metal to work with. Because of it’s low melting point, it can be poured into molds of a variety of materials. You can even melt it at home on the stove! At the Node, one of our members has a small […]

Potluck and Space Improvement Day Oct. 11th – Now with Internet!

We made so much progress last time and ate so much food that we decided to do it again! Come out and support the space, help us decorate, eat some, drink some, bring something to share, and meet some active Node members! Members, you’ll be able to pick up your keys if you haven’t got […]

Space Improvement PotLuck Day! This Sunday, Aug 23rd

Are you free on Sunday? We’re having a party! Bring some food to share (extra points if it’s DIY of course) and show up at 11:30am and stay til ~5 and we’ll be there! We’re focusing on improving and cleaning up and organizing the space as well as eating, so bring some helping hands too. There’s a […]

The Baltimore Node has moved!

After two great years at 403 E Oliver street we have officially wrapped up our move to 2106 North Lovegrove street, just a few block from our first home, the now defunct Load Of Fun building. At the moment most things is still in boxes and stacks, but we have been working tirelessly to organize and setup our […]

TEKTON! We got a pallet full of tools!

The nice folks over at Tekton sent us a pallet full of hand tools! To be more precise they sent us on of each of their MakerKits. We will make sure to put them all to great use!    

Oct 25th BlinkyTile Beta Workshop Recap

A couple of weeks ago, on October 25th, Marty and Amy ran a workshop at the Node to beta test the BlinkyTile dynamic light sculpture kit. Participants worked together to build and program BlinkyTile sculptures using some pre-release versions of the BlinkyTile boards. It took some time to snap out and prep the tiles on […]