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Food Inspectr, A Semi-Node Project

Hey there readers and happy new year from the Baltimore Node!

One of my new years resolutions is to blog here more often and as I’ve already done two tonight, I’m going to do a lucky third.

This past December I completed a project called Food Inspectr that was entered it into the NYC Big Apps competition. The call for entries asked for people to create mashups, apps or visualizations that use the NYC Data Mine and so I figured, why not an iPhone webapp that tells you how gross the restaurant you’re eating at is.

This was my first Ruby on Rails project and I learned a lot while building it. By no means is it a master piece but I am glad to have I finished and launched it; so here’s to that!

Going forward I hope to spend some time building more webapps and also exploring data visualizations (a big interest of mine). Moreover, I am curious to see what data sets Baltimore will be releasing in the near future and if the city is interested in setting up a Data Mine. If you know of anyone working with Baltimore City data, let me know, I’d love to work on those projects too!