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Multimeter and Other Workshops

DSCF2382The multimeter workshop starts Wednesday, October 21.  The class is completely full. I know there were a couple more people who wanted to check it out.  Feel free to drop in for a little while that Wednesday if you would like to see what this workshop is about. We will probably schedule another one of these in the spring.

The multimeters kits came in surprisingly fast. They are a little different than the ones in the picture from the earlier post in that they have gray accents instead of yellow ones. If you were going to try to make a fashion statement by wearing your multimeter with your yellow pants, it is not going to work out.

In addition to this workshop, there is a circuit bending workshop on the calendar for October 24 at 1pm.  Circuit bending is the process of taking inexpensive audio circuits from toys and modifying them to make different sounds.  Jon’s Google SketchUp workshop is now on the calendar for November 21 at 1pm.