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Intro to Programming for Non-Programmers by a Non-Programmer

processing_logoI’ve heard it in the Node before “I don’t know how to program” and when I ask why it’s almost for a lack of belief that they can do it.

Well programming isn’t hard and I’m going to prove it, on the 26th I’d like to take some time to introduce programming to non-programmers and see if I can get people started in the right direction.

I am not an expert so the subject matter we will explore will be extremely basic (variables, iteration, flow control, object orientation, etc) and we will use Processing to do so. On the bright side, once started with Processing you can begin to get into more complicated concepts and decide where to go from there.

Fortunately for me Daniel Shiffman has done all the work and has a Processing workshop available on his website. If you are interested in this please bring a laptop with Processing installed and these files from Shiffmans website:

**edit** You should let me know that you’re coming so I can be prepared, send me an email at

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