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Building a Portable Guitar Amp (The Smokey Amp)

It was a while ago that I purchased my Smokey Amp and it was always a reliable amp if only because it was always in my guitar case and ready to play.

Unfortunately, from the moment I purchased it I’ve had the desire to rip it apart and see how it’s built. Well, given two and a half weeks of vacation time I finally did so and after pulling it apart and googling the parts I found the schematics for the circuit which could’ve spared my poor smokey amp.

smokey amp schematics

Well, before I knew it I was off to and had the the parts ordered which to my surprise arrived quickly.

Basically what you need (and it’s available at radioshack) is a speaker (1watt 8ohm – 3watt 8ohm), a 1/4″ stereo jack, two 47uF 16volt Electrolytic Caps and one 386 op-amp chip. That’s all there is too it, you can put a pot in there for volume control if you like but really, there’s no need.

So now I’m at the point where I need to mount it in a project box and call it done. If you have any questions about building one of these, feel free to ask me questions, it’s so simple I’m sure I could do so!

FYI the parts I ordered were:

Cross post from my personal blog. Leave a comment if you’d be interested in node workshop where you leave with one of these (presumably finished and in a project box).