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Workshop 3: Learn to Solder/Build a Multimeter

This is the multimeter we'll be building

Workshop 3 will be a great opportunity for everyone who has always wanted to learn a little about electronics but never had the chance.

In this workshop, we will be putting together the M-2666K multimeter kit by Elenco. You will learn a little about the various components that are used to build the multimeter. You will learn to solder if you don’t know how. And if we have time, we may even show you how to use your multimeter. A multimeter is a useful tool for measuring voltage (checking to see if your batteries are dead) and current. I believe that this model also allows you to check for connectivity. This can be useful when you need to check if the wires on a cable are connected correctly or if they are broken.

This event will be held from 7:30pm to 9:00pm on Wednesday October 21 in our space at 120 W. North Ave.  We will probably continue on October 28 and November 4 until we finish building the kit. If you have your own soldering iron at home, you can take your kit home with you and finish it there if you can not make all three nights.  The catch about this event is that you have to sign up by October 7 so we have time to order the kits before we actually start building them.

We only have 8 slots open for this class so if you want to attend, go to eventbrite and sign up now.

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