baltimore's makerspace for hackers, makers, diy and crafters


The community at Baltimore Node is vibrant and ever growing.

Who we are

We are makers! ┬áMore coming soon… (hopefully some headshots / what some of our members are creating)

What We Do

We make/break/hack stuff and void warranties! ┬áMore coming soon…

The Neighborhood

The Baltimore Node is part of the Station North Arts District, a center of creation in the heart of Baltimore. Some of our old neighbors include.

  • The Station North Tool Library is like a library, but with tools instead of books. Tool Library members are able to check out tools from among their large library for whatever projects they want to do.
  • The Baltimore Design School, located in the historic Lebow Clothing Factory, is Baltimore’s new middle/high school focusing in fashion design, architecture.
  • Second Empire Furniture is a full-service woodworking shop. Cabinetmakers Stephen Alexander and Robert Frey practice their craft on the floor above the Node
  • AREA 405 is full of artists’ work spaces and hosts a wide variety of events.
  • The Copycat Building is one of Baltimore’s best-known landmarks and serves as homes and studios for a large segment of Baltimore’s art community.
  • The City Arts Building houses another large segment of Baltimore’s artists.