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And the people used Vim

Just got done with the second workshop in my thrilling “Linux For People” bi-fecta, “Using the Hell Out of Vim”. Thanks to all who came out, it was good to see brand new faces out at the space along with the regulars. Hopefully there was no boredom, only the awesome intake of Vim knowledge that […]

Intro to the Command Line

Posting the materials from our “Intro to the Command Line” class. A slideshow: “Intro to the Command Line” And a document version (with fewer sweet graphics). If you couldn’t make it this time and would like to attend at some point in the future, contact me or post to the mailing list with the times […]

Baltimore/DC Area RepRap Users Group Meetup

RepRap! Darwin! Mendel! Cupcake! Huxley? What does it all mean? A RepRap Users Group is a group of enthusiasts for Desktop 3D printers – 3D printers that you can build and run at home to make whatever you want out of plastic! This Sunday at 2pm, come on down to the Baltimore Node and join […]

Pacman MAME Cabinet

Thoughts On Mays Meetings

Pre-PS Check out the meeting minutes. Tonight was another successful monthly meeting and I thought I’d share some of the news. First off, we can now welcome our newest member, Colin Freas. He’s now our third ‘Ginger’ and brings some pretty 1337 java/paintball skills. Heads up on an upcoming event!! Megapolis Festival is THIS weekend. […]

Mid-Atlantic hackerspaces represent

Makes blog post re-caping Mid-Atlantic Mini MakerFaire / RobotFest is full of local hackerspaces including Harford Hackerspace, Hack Pittsburgh and of course, Baltimore Node. Check it out Make’s post here: And Matt Metts flickr set here:


Baltimore Node is pleased to share some of the results of Co-Lab, where we open up to artists to share our resources and knowledge to help them realize technological aspects in their work. For our first collaboration we worked with aerostat pilot Lilly Stark White and Tilted Torch artist Miss Joule. Many hours later of […]