The More You Node – Upcoming workshops at the Node!

We just announced a whole bunch of classes and workshops!
There’s one every Tuesday from now until the end of May, with hopes of keeping up that regularity. So far we’ve got four with many more ideas in the works:
Pew-Pew Pewsday Laser Cutter 101 Safety and Basic Training

You’ll leave this class with a keyfob you designed and made yourself using our 80w 3’x2′ laser driven by the LaserCut 5.3 software. Completing this class is a requirement for using the laser-cutter on your future projects.


Metal casting using laser-cut molds – Make a Pewter Keychain or necklace
You’ll leave this class with a lead-free pewter keychain or necklace you designed and made yourself.


Make your own Kubb set (Viking lawn game) Our basic woodworking tools class

This workshop will teach you how to use basic woodworking tools like the band saw, miter saw, and table saw, as well as a brief intro to the laser cutter to customize the king. You’ll also leave this workshop with your very own Kubb set to play with at home with your friends!


Intro to Mold Making – Making Silicone Molds and Resin Casts

You’ll leave this class with a plastic resin copy of your original object, and a mold to make more at home.


About Todd Blatt

Todd Blatt is a mechanical engineer, artist, and professional maker. He has been 3d modeling since 1997 and loves 3D printers and laser cutters. Todd was recruited as a founding member of a highly visible interdisciplinary design department within MakerBot to create flagship designs that showcase the full capabilities of The Replicator 3D printer. He spent 2012 working as a 3d designer and as the principal liaison with the MakerBot marketing department, responsible for integrating 3D design and printing in all marketing efforts. Todd founded Custom 3D Stuff, an object creation firm. They offer consulting, 3D modeling, and design services as well as sell custom 3D printed objects, including movie props, jewelry, replicas, new products, and engineering prototypes. He especially likes to focus on 3d designs which are difficult to create with other methods aside from 3D printing. AutoCAD and MeshMixer are his software packages of choice. Todd is also a tournament Go and Foosball player, and loves shooting pool. He is a member of the 501st and Rebel legions, sporting Stormtrooper armor and an Ice Cream Maker Guy costume. Todd is based in Baltimore, MD. and a member of the Baltimore Node Hackerspace.