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Pew-Pew Pewsday: Laser night at the Node

If you haven’t yet heard, we’ve got a sweet new laser cutter, and it’s just super awesome.

Inline image 1
It can etch into and cut through tons of different materials.  It’s also super easy to design files for.  Any 2 color bitmap file can be engraved, and any .dxf vector file (all the common design programs export this) can be used to engrave or cut material.
If you’d like to learn how to use the machine, Have a slice of pizza, and get a chance to cut out your own custom designed key-chain, come to the Node tonight, Pewsday June 10th at 6:30pm for the $25 workshop (free for Node members).  Bring a laptop!
Let us know you’re coming on eventbrite, or just show up with your cash donation.  If you can’t make it tonight, don’t worry, Pew-Pew Pewsdays will be a semi-regular event.