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LCD Screens + Arduino + LiquidCrystal.h = Possibilities

Arduino running a LCD screen
Reading the light.

As a hackerspace we’re lucky to have donations come in. Recently our first big lot of electronics came via Aaron and what a ginormus lot it was. Amongst the stepper motors, BASIC chips, odds and ends was a whole bunch of 16×1 and 16×4 LCD screens. By a whole bunch I mean around 30.

Mark A.K.A. @mehuman has managed to get these up and running on his Arduino with little difficulty.

It is important to note that the 16×1 screens consider it to be two rows of 8 columns so the setup command is lcd.begin(8,2);

Also, there isn’t a need for a potentiometer your can bypass it by running pin3 into the gnd.

Check out the tutorial here and come in and hack away at one (if you’re a member).