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Next meeting: Wednesday, July 15th @ 7pm

[UPDATE] We had a lively meeting and the big news is that enough funds were pledged to move into the Load of Fun space at 120 W North Ave! See the meeting notes for details.

Some Node members posing in front of the Load of Fun space
Some Node members posing in front of the Load of Fun space after the meeting.

The next organizational meeting will be on Wednesday, July 15th, at 7pm in 113 W North Ave. (The same room in the MICA building where the Ambient Orb workshop was held). The reason for having it at 113 W North Ave is that we are trying to schedule another walk through of the Load of Fun space at 6:00pm, which is directly across the street. The second walk through is for anyone who didn’t get a chance to see the space the first time around or anyone who wants a second look. I’ll email out Monday evening if the walk through is a go, but regardless, we will have a meeting in 113 W North Ave on Wednesday at 7pm.

There are a few things to talk about at this meeting, but the most important issue is whether or not to lease the Load of Fun space. If there are enough people willing to commit financially to Load of Fun to cover monthly operating expenses (~$800), we’ll fill out some paperwork, make some banking arrangements, double check our solvency, and set up shop! Otherwise we’ll cut it loose, move on to other spaces, and continue to build interest in the Node through projects and events around Baltimore.

There is a core of people ready to make a move on this space, but we can’t do so without broader support. If you’re interested in becoming a member of the Node and you think the Load of Fun space is a good place to start up, come to this meeting. If you can’t make this time, but you’d like to support the Load of Fun space through your membership dues, contact Jon Lesser directly. No one needs to bring any money to this meeting, as we’re just looking for strong commitments at this point. We will, of course, ensure that we have sufficient monies in a Node bank account before signing any leases.

We can email and edit the wiki all day, but from time to time we need meetings like this to gauge financial commitment and see if we’re ready to move on a lease. If you’re ready to get this party started in the Load of Fun building, come on down to 113 W North Ave this Wednesday, July 15th, at 7pm.