New tables for the front room 1

new tables (unfinished)

We’re through living like college freshman on mom’s old card table (and soon will be living like college juniors on something we cobbled together ourselves). Over the past couple weeks, we’ve built a pair of 6’x4′ farmhouse-style tables in the Node’s fully-functional woodshop.

After we’re done sanding and finishing the tables they will go in the front room to replace the folding tables, providing a good stable work surface for computing, drawing, small classes, etc. there in addition to the ones in the shop.

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    Bob Flesher

    Hi, Apogee is a manufacturer over on Kane Street. We design and make a wide variety of products, many being from plastic. We have a phenomenal amount of material (ABS, PVC, acrylic, HDPE, LDPE, etc.) that gets scrapped. We would be happy to donate it on a regular basis. We also have an air powered press brake, several large monitors, video conferencing systems, and I have a huge amount of electronic components excess to my needs that would be of great use and available free. Just pick it up.

    Apogee could use some people on a paid project basis who can write micro controller code for molecular biology research products we’re developing (

    Please contact me if any of this is of interest.