Our very own Mark Huson to judge at Third Baltimore Hackathon!

Our former Node president Mark Huson will be representing us at the Third Baltimore Hackathon (baltimorehackathon.com) Nov 14th-16th!   Come out, work on a project, and get it judged by this gentleman, sailor, and scholar.  Hopefully you’ll win a prize!  Several of our members will be competing so contact us if you’d like to team […]

MICA Smart Textiles At The Node!

We had the pleasure of a visit from the MICA Smart Textiles gang on Tuesday evening. They gave us some cool ideas for workshops we could do including seed grenading and mechanical puppetry. They also pointed out that the anti-theft device on our camera (a wrench attached to it) was not particularly effective and might […]

The Perils of Losing Your Rubber

After discovering that someone had absconded with the rubber sling for our giant, life-sized Angry Birds game, the Node crew made a game-time decision to bring our paper rocket station to the Innovation Celebration closing party for Baltimore Innovation Week. We figured a couple hundred slightly tipsy technologists and entrepreneurs grooving to phat beats on […]

Mappy Hour Leads to Geocoding Binge

“I feel like the most accomplished person ever. Before Thursday I didn’t know what the word geocode meant and now I just successfully geocoded the addresses of all soup participants.” -Jennifer McDowell of Baltimore Soup   .   Thanks to everyone who came out for Mappy Hour at our Super-Special Baltimore Innovation Week Edition of OpenHack, […]

Baltimore Innovation Week 2014

In honor of Baltimore Innovation Week, the Baltimore Node has thrown together a slate of awesome events courtesy of our brilliant members and our friends at GeoMore! 3D printing Oculus rift Open source mapping and more. Come join the mayhem! #BIW14 #HappeningAtTheNode

Back To School Blast-Off

Neither rain nor gloom nor the odd electrical short stays the Node from the swift and repeated firing of kid-constructed rockets. We just couldn’t pass up the chance to see hoards of tiny tykes lose their little minds as their paper creations soared majestically into the air, and then crashed (for the most part) onto the roof of […]

Reach for the Skies! – The Node Goes Back to School

The Baltimore Node will be at Hollins Market today from noon to 6pm for the Hollins Roundhouse Back to School Festival helping the future rocket scientists of America reach for the stratosphere. Come join us! #NodeOnTheRoad

Pew-Pew Pewsday Returns for Baltimore Innovation Week!

Join three-dimensional sorcerer Todd Blatt for a “Pew-Pew Pewsday” 3D Printing + Scanning workshop during Baltimore Innovation Week – Tuesday September 16th at the Node from 6:30pm to 9pm. Get your tickets on EventBrite. Print your own decorative skull for a performance of Hamlet … Resurrect a dinosaur … Or maybe baby just needs a new […]

A Light Bulb Goes Off at The Node (Over a 1,000 of Them Actually)

The indomitable Michael Diedrick has managed to wrestle our light board to glorious life. The display is driven by python on a raspberry pi, but can work via any computer that runs Python. Michael needs only a quick breather before he goes all coding luchador on the remaining kinks. The project originated in collaboration with Sherwin Mark […]