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Tools & Equipment Wishlist

Maker spaces and hacker spaces are founded and funded by makers, and the tools and equipment either come as donations from makers or are purchased by the space.

This is a list of the things that would make the space better, and if you have extras or would like to make a donation to The Node, contact us and we’ll happily put it to good use. ¬†And if we can’t use it, one of our neighbors, the Station North Tool Library, would make great use of it too.

Smaller, more immediate things:

– Power strips. Does anyone have any extras they would be willing to donate? If not, it should not be a big deal to buy a few.

– Chairs. It would be nice if we had a few more rolling office chairs. If not, we can make do using some of our folding chairs.

– Monitors. It looks like all of our monitors in the space other than the one on the Makerbot machine are low resolution. The Windows machine recently set up for general use and 3D modeling should have something better. It would be really nice to have a matching pair of more modern monitors. Does anyone have any they want to donate/loan? Decent monitors are ~$100ea these days–we should buy a couple if there aren’t extras around.

– Projector. We should find a good, bright, reasonable-resolution one and buy it.

Larger, more awesome things:

– Laser cutter, >40W, larger bed

– CNC machine, table-top or larger