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The More You Node: 3D Printing Shapeways Edition



Come on down the the Node on Thursday June 20th at 7pm for the Shapeways Baltimore Meetup!

Lots of people will be here showing off their prints, talking about Shapeways and 3d printing.  Hope you can make it!  RSVP here:

I’ll also be bringing my shiny new Google Glass so you’ll be able to check that out and see how it works.

Come learn about the different materials shapeways offers, and what cool things you can do with 3d printing.  We have a 3d printer in the space, which is great for developing prototypes, and then shifting to Shapeways when you’re ready for nicer finishes, more materials, and short production runs.  Learn all about it!   I hear there’ll also be some free issues of Make Magazine Arc Attack issues around.



Sherry Huss, VP of Maker Media will be in attendance!