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Announcing the Baltimore Node MakerBot Users Group (MUG)

MakerBot has issued a challenge to MakerBot users: get together in a group and get free stuff!

The rules for this first challenge are simple: create a mailing list, meet in person, photograph 2 or more bots together and post them online, then send the results to!

The first part of this is done: Baltimore Node MakerBot Users Group is our new Google Group! I’ve sent out invites to the folks that I remember contributing towards the Node’s ‘bot, but everyone is encouraged to join. This group will be a good way for us to keep track of what’s going on with the Node’s ‘bot, organize events, share info about becoming better MakerBot operators, and more!

Tonight at Open Hack we will have the first (informal) meeting of the Node MUG.  Amy and I will be bringing our bots, making a total of 3 MakerBots at the Node!  Amy will bring her Thing-O-Matic, and I’ll have my Cupcake CNC with the awesome new MK6 stepper extruder.  We’ll also talk about hosting the B’more/DC RepRap Users Group at the Node later this month, and some tips for getting started with printing, learning to 3D model, or whatever you’re interested in.


See you tonight!

Update: I’ve posted the (scant) photos for the meeting! We printed and hung a wall clock!  Good times were had by all.