CreateBaltimore Rundown!

Yesterday was the CreateBaltimore event and wow what a day! The Baltimore Node was out in force and I was really happy to meet a number of our neighbors (Effervescent, Single Carrot, Hexagon/Charm City Art Space). The goal of the CreateBaltimore barcamp was to bring together artists and technologists and inject some design thinking into […]

Announcing the Baltimore Node Book Club!

The Node Book Club met yesterday at 6:30pm to discuss our first reading – the original paper on Hamming codes.  There was a lot of interesting discussion about the history of computing (from mechanical relays to modern consumer radios), and many other topics. (Disclosure: I missed a lot of discussion because I thought the meeting […]


Upgrade! 1

The Node is moving up in the world. Our new space two floors up in the Load of Fun building is a whopping 1600 square feet. Thats a 240% increase on our current space. We are still in the processing of moving. Stop by tonight (Wednesday Dec 1.) to help us finish moving our stuff […]

Easy as 1 to 3… 1

The Node is moving! Tomorrow, 11/30, and Wednesday, 12/1, we’ll be moving from the 1st floor of the Load of Fun building to a much larger space on the 3rd floor. Please come by (5pm till late) and lend a hand as we transition to Phase III of the Node World Domination Plan.

And the people used Vim 1

Just got done with the second workshop in my thrilling “Linux For People” bi-fecta, “Using the Hell Out of Vim”. Thanks to all who came out, it was good to see brand new faces out at the space along with the regulars. Hopefully there was no boredom, only the awesome intake of Vim knowledge that […]

I fucking love VI!

Baltolug Meeting: Oct. 19th @ 7pm

The first Baltolug meeting being host at the Node is happening next Tuesday. Brian will be presenting a talk on everyone’s (and I mean everyone RMS) favorite editor Vi/Vim. Even tarsiers love vi.

Intro to the Command Line 1

Posting the materials from our “Intro to the Command Line” class. A slideshow: “Intro to the Command Line” And a document version (with fewer sweet graphics). If you couldn’t make it this time and would like to attend at some point in the future, contact me or post to the mailing list with the times […]

Good night sweet junk.

It wasn’t that you were not good stuff. All of you at some point were used and loved. But now requirements are different. The big picture fits together differently than when you started. We looked at the little parts through to the case, raw materials to component and asked our self do we have room? […]

maker bot 131

Dorkbot at the Node – Desktop 3D Printing with Marty McGuire (Wed. 9/29) 1

Wednesday, September 29th at 7:00pm Dorkbot will be hosting Marty McGuire who will be giving a talk on desktop 3D printing and giving a live demonstration on his printer. Details as per him: Rapid digital prototyping and fabrication technologies such as 3D printing and milling have existed for decades, but have been so expensive that […]


9/12 RepRap Users Group Meetup Wrapup

Thanks to everyone who came out to the Baltimore/DC area RepRap Users Group today at Baltimore Node.  It was the first in a long while! Marty McGuire and Anderson Ta brought their MakerBot’s (#131 and #1727, respectively), and a bunch of folks interested in 3D printing descended on Baltimore Node to share technology, knowledge, and […]