3d scanning with just a digital camera

Computers are able to extract a lot of information from a photograph. People generally just look at a picture and see colors, but there is a lot more data contained in a photograph besides just colors. Cool software can determine depths and distances of objects in photographs based on the intensity of light at each […]

Arduino Counter Zeroer

A quick/very simple project Marty and I threw together to zero out a counter. Hardware by Marty. Code by me. Code

Announcing the Baltimore Node MakerBot Users Group (MUG)

MakerBot has issued a challenge to MakerBot users: get together in a group and get free stuff! The rules for this first challenge are simple: create a mailing list, meet in person, photograph 2 or more bots together and post them online, then send the results to mug@makerbot.com! The first part of this is done: Baltimore Node MakerBot […]

NodeNock Logo

Get in to the Node with NodeNock

With our move to the third floor of the Load of Fun building, Baltimore Node gained an awesome new space, with a ton of new opportunities! Unfortunately, we also lost one good feature of the old space – having a street-level entrance that we can leave unlocked while we’re in. Anyone with a key can […]

CreateBaltimore Rundown!

Yesterday was the CreateBaltimore event and wow what a day! The Baltimore Node was out in force and I was really happy to meet a number of our neighbors (Effervescent, Single Carrot, Hexagon/Charm City Art Space). The goal of the CreateBaltimore barcamp was to bring together artists and technologists and inject some design thinking into […]

Announcing the Baltimore Node Book Club!

The Node Book Club met yesterday at 6:30pm to discuss our first reading – the original paper on Hamming codes.  There was a lot of interesting discussion about the history of computing (from mechanical relays to modern consumer radios), and many other topics. (Disclosure: I missed a lot of discussion because I thought the meeting […]


Upgrade! 1

The Node is moving up in the world. Our new space two floors up in the Load of Fun building is a whopping 1600 square feet. Thats a 240% increase on our current space. We are still in the processing of moving. Stop by tonight (Wednesday Dec 1.) to help us finish moving our stuff […]

Easy as 1 to 3… 1

The Node is moving! Tomorrow, 11/30, and Wednesday, 12/1, we’ll be moving from the 1st floor of the Load of Fun building to a much larger space on the 3rd floor. Please come by (5pm till late) and lend a hand as we transition to Phase III of the Node World Domination Plan.