Hack Friday, November 25th @ noon

Hey Y’all, Why spoil your Thanksgiving vacation on hunting for Black Friday deals, when you can make!?! We will celebrate Baltimore Node’s first Hack Friday on November 25th. We will start around noon, and hang out until people get tired. Bring your projects, or start a new one. Hope to see you there! –Amy

LED Window Project update.

As you may have heard, we’re working at least once a week on the window display project. On Mondays at 7:30pm we meet at the space for this. Here’s how it works: This is what charlieplexing looks like. If you turn pins A,and H on, and also turn on pins 1 and 8, you’ll have […]

Geocaching Workshop!

Sunday October 9th, come meet at the Node at 1:00 pm to learn about the global GPS trasurehunting game and hide some geocaches of our own. There’s one hidden near the space already, but we have dozens of black boxes from mp3car that have just been sitting in the space, and they make great hiding […]

3d scanning with just a digital camera

Computers are able to extract a lot of information from a photograph. People generally just look at a picture and see colors, but there is a lot more data contained in a photograph besides just colors. Cool software can determine depths and distances of objects in photographs based on the intensity of light at each […]

Arduino Counter Zeroer

A quick/very simple project Marty and I threw together to zero out a counter. Hardware by Marty. Code by me. Code

Announcing the Baltimore Node MakerBot Users Group (MUG)

MakerBot has issued a challenge to MakerBot users: get together in a group and get free stuff! The rules for this first challenge are simple: create a mailing list, meet in person, photograph 2 or more bots together and post them online, then send the results to mug@makerbot.com! The first part of this is done: Baltimore Node MakerBot […]