goodies from Maker Media

Freebies from Maker Media

As recently noted, Sherry Huss, VP of Maker Media (the O’Reilly spinoff which puts on Make Magazine and Maker Faire) recently paid the Node a visit. In addition to some exciting time with her at OpenHack, she left is a big box of goodies. We’d like to thank Sherry for a great time and the […]

The More You Node: 3D Printing Shapeways Edition

  Come on down the the Node on Thursday June 20th at 7pm for the Shapeways Baltimore Meetup! Lots of people will be here showing off their prints, talking about Shapeways and 3d printing.  Hope you can make it!  RSVP here: I’ll also be bringing my shiny new Google Glass so you’ll be able to […]

3D Printed Tetrahedron

3D Printing with Newbies

Last night, I went to the Baltimore Node determined to learn how to use the new MakerBot Replicator printer. I sat in front of the machine and read the setup instructions. Then I asked our new president how to use the machine. He said to install ReplicatorG just like the book said. ReplicatorG did absolutely […]

adafruit badges

Adafruit badges

Our thanks go out to Adafruit, who were kind enough to send us some hackerspace-appropriate skill badges. Come on out and see if you can earn one with your 3D printing skills or your electronics-fu.

Party Tonight!

Tonight is the grand opening party for the Station North Tool Library, and the grand re-opening for the Node.   In the alley between our spaces, we have the power tool drag racing track set up with foot pedals, and a light system.  We’ll be running the 3d printers, playing with a giant slingshot, and […]


An Exciting Week for The Node 1

Next week is an exciting week for The Node. At Open Hack on Thursday, Todd Blatt will be guiding us in the use of The MakerBot Replicator that we recently purchased. On Friday at 6:00PM, The Node and The Baltimore Tool Library are both hosting open house events on Oliver St. On Saturday, representatives from […]

The More You Node: 3d Printing 1

  Come out at 7:00pm, Thursday, April 25th for an introduction to using a 3d printer. Node member Todd Blatt of Custom 3d Stuff will do a live 3d printing demo, show you how to operate the MakerBot Replicator to turn a 3d CAD file into a real object. Want answers to these questions and more?!  He’s […]

Progress at the Oliver St Space

Since our annual meeting, there has been a lot of progress on the Oliver St space.  The space consists of three rooms.  The first room is carpeted, and the second and third room were filled with woodworking equipment.  The pictures from the first post on the space were all taken in the carpeted room. Now […]

Digital Harbor Foundation – Digital Fabrication Challenge 1

The Digital Harbor foundation STEM Core Challenge is a competition which celebrates the Engineering Design skills of Baltimore high school students. Six teams have participated to learn the basics of digital fabrication and the Engineering Design Process. Their challenge was to create a wearable product, that is worn or used as an accessory. The teams […]


Home of the Node

On Saturday, the Baltimore Node members gathered at the new space located at 403 E. Oliver St. for the annual meeting to change the bylaws and elect new officers. Mark, our former president, read his notes carefully as he guided us through the process of revising the rules around voting and the election of new […]